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it takes a team to realize a dream

Over the past two years we have been building worldwide relationships with individuals, organizations, and groups that believe in the American dream, the success of families, communities, and the hope of children throughout the nation. With a clear focus on these goals we know that these relationships have fostered a spirit of unity that endorse the Vision and Mission of BDA, Inc., our TM community programs, and initiatives like the Gimme A Minute Movement (GMAMM). It’s so rewarding when our youth can see a future that otherwise may never be, and supporting the organization connected to BDA Inc. is your way of seeing what we see for our Allies, Partners, and Associates, a number that continues to exponentially grow and expand.  We have reached over 78,810 Membership Churches, 69,213 Companies, and families with over 17,000,000 members. It's such an honor to help and be connected with such amazing resources and individuals.


A note from Bishop Darius Ashlock: ​“Why not do something so BIG that you can't do it alone?  You can’t do it alone because its impossible without team effort.  Learn why we feel that most of the issues facing our community and family are not related to money, but more related to motive.  Learn why we know that without a robust network of committed individuals that care enough to apply real resources for real change we cannot achieve these objectives. The days of talking of bringing a solution are under the pressure of truth, and lip service is over. Let us, my friends, stay the course of Faith - Hope - Love for all mankind in one of the greatest countries in the world. We have one thing no one can take from us, and that is our ability to choose, to choose a better way for the greater whole.  This is called the law of LOVE and we believe love is not the creator of problems, but rather the lack thereof is the true issue. That said, we thank our supporters for being a real community resource and clear supporters of change in making this great nation a greater nation. Are you apart of the Movement? If not, get connected and join our growing number of friends and supporters. When its your passion, your motivation will be greater than anything that money can buy."

"We know it’s because of the invaluable relationships with our committed partners and affiliates that understand and believe in our Vision and Mission that we are becoming a conversation all over this nation, connecting with more and more amazing, brilliant, prominent and powerful organizations. We have had the privilege of connecting with some great organizations, world leaders and ambassadors of change, dedicated to never give up on building dreams, hope, life, and inspiration.


We can’t list all the organization we are connected to, but here are just a few of the AWESOME organizations that make the world a better place. Their innovation continues to evidence why they never let limitations regulate their core values and principles concerning their vision of spreading the type of fearless determination and courage that inspires HOPE, drives COURAGE, and refuses to be limited. They consider how families and communities will reap the benefits of this unified approach of making this country greater one day, one family, one organization, one community and one person at a time. This is the passion that empowers the supporters of the Give Me A Minute Movement." BDA

     join the Movement: get connected. we are looking for your support.








Special Thanks To These Humble Heros

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